Here is a GREAT COMEBACK story of Jason Craig, courtesy of Canoe and Kayak Magazine.

On the afternoon of March 20, 2011, two of the world’s most promising young kayakers broke their backs running large waterfalls. Tyler Bradt, then 24, fractured his L1 vertebra on Oregon’s Abiqua Falls, a particularly unforgiving 100-foot drop. Five hundred miles south, 17-year-old Jason Craig struck a rock at the base of an unnamed 30-footer on California’s Dry Creek, shattering his pelvis, smashing his spine and rupturing his dural sac. In lay terms, he separated the lower half of his skeleton from the upper half. for the rest of the story.

Snap Dragon is very pleased to share this note from Jason;

Hey Rich and Mike,

      How are you guys? I hope your lives are filled with happiness and that Snap Dragon is thriving!

     I have been doing really good lately and my life feels like it it back to a state of normalcy. I am fully healed now with all of the metal out of my spine and my spinal chord injury nearly back to 100%. I am one extremely lucky being. I am back to kayaking, climbing, skiing, biking, hiking and living life. I just competed in my first pro freestyle kayaking event last weekend and had a really good finish at 7th behind the best in the world, at my first competition in two years with  zero practice to boot! Now I am back home training for the Reno River Fest on June 15th and a handful more national and international competitions this year. 

I made the cover for Canoe and Kayak magazine this month and the story has been received really well. I was wondering if you guys would like me to send you a few copies? Also here is also a short film about my journey this past year that I thought I would share with you- 

 So much gratitude for all of your support these past few years. Truly I cannot express my deep gratitude nearly enough. Thank you!


All the best,




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