Special congrats to Kim Russell, Christie Glyssmeyer, Heather Hrbeck, Darren Albright, Tao Berman, Paul Kuthe, Nicks Hinds and the all the participants in this years Northwest Creeking Competition

The 2012 Northwest Creeking Competition is to kayakers what Sea Otter is to mountain bikers. It’s the regions largest paddling event of the year, featuring downriver races (raft/kayak categories) on two Washington Rivers: the East Fork of the Lewis River and nearby Canyon Creek.

Saturday, day 1, features a mass start kayak race as well as an individual downriver sprint. The race starts with a bang as racers sprint 50 yards and off 15 ft. Sunset Falls, the start of the course. Racers then charge through the remaining rapids aptly named, Screaming Left, Dragon’s Back, John’s Swimming Hole to the finish line at Copper Creek a few miles downstream.

EFL Downriver Sprint Results (Abbreviated):
K-1 Men Pro:
1 Darren Albright 8:07
2 Louis Geltman 8:09
3 Tao Berman 8:16

K-1 Men Long:
1 Darren Albright 7:46
2 Louis Geltman 7:48
3 Michael Gottlieb 8:16

K-1 Men Expert:
1 Scott Waidelich 8:33
2 Alex Podolak 8:37
3 Matt King 8:37

K-1 Women Pro:
1 Kim Russell 8:44
2 Christie Glissmeyer 9:20
3 Heather Herbeck 9:26

K-1 Women Expert:
1 Anna Herring 9:50
2 Helen Wheat 9:56
3 Roberta Grant 10:01

K-1 Fun:
1 Michael Freeman 9:25
2 Jack Cressuell 9:27
3 Brandon James 9:30

1 Riley Baxter 10:27
2 Scott Michael 11:09
3 Greg Babikoff 14:51

1 Dan 10:34
2 Karl 11:11
3 Tim 11:16

Sunday brought about the Canyon Creek Extreme Race, another downriver sprint through challenging rapids such as Thrasher, Boulder Garden, 20 ft. Kahuna Falls, and the final falls – Champagne and Hammering Sport. A medium high level, fun was had by all racers as this was the first time the race had taken place on Canyon Creek in three years!

Canyon Creek Extreme Downriver Race Results (Abbreviated):
For Full Results, Click Here

K-1 Men Pro:
1 Tao Berman 4:55
2 Darren Albright 4:56
3 Louis Geltman 5:00

K-1 Women Pro:
1 Kim Russell 5:26
2 Christie Glissmeyer 5:53

1 Dan 6:36
2 Sutherland 7:29
3 Karl 7:43

Photo Credit:

EFL Starting Line: Paul Kuthe

Kim at Thrasher: Logan Farrell

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