North Cascades Bridge Creek

Brett Baron update:  Bridge Creek is a stand-out among creek runs and self-support trips in the Cascade mountains. 27 miles of whitewater wilderness begin up Hwy 20 in the North … » Read more

Joaquim Fontané i Masó & Aniol Serrasolses

Joaquim Fontané i Masó & Aniol Serrasolses -First Descent of the Núria Gorge in the Pyrenees.

Sea kayaking the San Juans in whitewater kayaks?

The spring road trip had brought us to Anacortes, Washington, known to be one of the best sea kayaking destinations in the world.
After calling a myriad of sea kayaking shops … » Read more

Emily out West

Personal First Descent: Bear Creek Canyon
The Power on Inconvenience
This past weekend I had the pleasure of jumping on a new river: Bear Creek Canyon. My husband Nick, son Tucker … » Read more

Master Contact Towing for Fast Kayak Rescues and Recoveries

The Contact Tow is an easy and fast way to move a paddler a short distance. In this episode, presented by Adventure Kayak magazine (, Shawna Franklin and Leon Sommé … » Read more